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Seven Heaven – For Your Gala Parties!

Are you looking for closed-door luxury party space in Pattaya? Seven Heaven at H2O is precisely the place for you. The XXX sq. ft hall is a perfect place for throwing gala parties. You want to host a luncheon or a dinner party, or else you want to host a conference meeting for your colleagues, this place is just the right fit. 


Seven Heaven comes ready with all amenities needed for hosting your party successfully, be it a platform, podium, speakers, sofas, curtains and draperies, and an elaborate buffet area. You can ask for the decoration services of your event to your desire, and we will be happy to provide you our expert resources to do the job to perfections.


Indeed, this is one of the best places to host indoor gala parties for your friends, families, colleagues, and other near dear ones. 

From Conferences to Parties

The humongous hall has black glass doors to ensure full privacy to your party. Inside, there is space allotted for buffet, seating, and also performance. That means, if you would like to entertain your guests with Russian Dancers or else leave the platform for free dancing, you can do it all. 


If you are hosting a conference or an engagement party or a promotional event, you can take to the podium and the stage. You can use it for keynote speeches and making important announcements. All in all, the place is an ultimate choice for all your somber yet fun party ideas. 


You can count on the service and hospitality of H2O to make your day as special as you can imagine, or maybe even a little bit more. 


Fun and Food


Any and every party becomes totally worth it when the food is memorable, and the fun is unforgettable. That is what you get at Seven Heaven. 

Starting with food, take to the elaborate banquet area to serve your guests with the most delectable cuisines. Feel free to make your guests feel special with sumptuous refreshments and multiple courses of food. You can count on us to provide you with some of the most delectable dishes that will ever cheer up the mood of every one of your guests. 


Coming to fun, well! Make the best use of the platform to ensure the highlight of your events gets all the light and the due attention. The high-quality speakers and lights inside the hall are totally equipped to lighten up the mood and brighten up the minds of your lovely guests. So why not make the best use of them, indeed!

Lavish Sitting Area

The inside of the hall boasts of the lavish sitting area well arranged with plush and luxurious sofas to comfortable and stylish chairs. You can seek sitting arrangements in various styles and shapes – like cabaret-style sitting, family-style setting, Cocktail arrangement, U-shaped arrangement, Hollow Square arrangement, Classroom arrangement, and others. 


The entire hall is well lit with great room temperature to make you feel absolutely comfortable and at ease so that your guests can enjoy every moment of the party. 


There are little shacks with seating arrangement outside the hall also that your tour-guides or other staff members can use to sit and chill. 


Modern Design

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At H2O, we give special emphasis to meet the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene standards. The entire premise is deeply cleaned periodically, while the Seven Heaven hall undergoes deep cleaning as frequently as possible. We use the best quality of chemicals and equipment to conduct the cleaning process. At these sensitive times, cleanliness remains our biggest point of focus that we simply never ignore or underestimate at any circumstance. 

Indoor Parties in Pattaya

Pattaya is the place for partying and fulfilling your desires to experience

extravagance and luxury. You can choose to do it in the open, or by a swimming pool, or in a closed hall. 


Indoor parties are one of the most fun things ever when they are done right. Take to the wild dancing and neon party accessories, disco music and drinks, tasty and palatable food along with friends, and make your evening cherished and extraordinary for you in every sense possible. 


Rest assured, you can totally trust the hospitality of H2O to ensure that your events happen with all the perfection and charm. Our staff is extremely warm and are always ready to help your guests and you in every way possible.