Night Out – For Colorful Parties

Is it even worth it if you are in Pattaya and did not let your hair down while partying with your friends? When in Pattaya, party as hard as possible, and that’s one of the key tenets, if we may suggest, of visiting Pattaya. 


Night Out, is the special party hall at H2O that is for a small gathering of 20-50 people, who want to have fun with their friends. The name Night Out clearly indicates that this place is totally meant for making the evenings colorful and filled with life and entertainment. Therefore, if you want to reserve a bright indoor party hall that is within your budget and excellent in every way, Night Out at H2O is perfect for you.


Ask for DJ, Speakers, Bar, and Buffet, and we have got all for you. So go no far, and if you want a neon-drenched party that has food, fun, and drinks swamping all over, you got to choose Night Out at H2O. 

Food and Fun

Would not be a party be bland if there is without an impressive array of food and drinks? It sure will. And, that is what we precisely can never let happen inside the premises of H2O. We don’t allow for any dull moments to seep in. 


You can demand lavish food and drinks arrangements inside our Night Out hall – and we will do it for you with excellence. We are happy to provide you with various international cuisines that you can enjoy with your friends. 

Of course, the bar is the centerpiece of every party. Inside Night Out, you will have a swanky bar that you can flaunt to your guests. At the same time, you can spoil your guests with luscious and flavorful cocktails and drinks that they will never forget.


The hall comes supported with every gadget you need for that memorable metallic night. You need a DJ, speaker, or an entertainer, you can have any or all of them to make your night as fun as possible for your guests and yourself.


Seating Arrangement

With black sofas and luxurious sitting, Night Out has a seating arrangement for those moments when your tired feet wants to fall back on a comfortable and plush place with a drink to energize and reboot you. 

The sitting area is meticulously arranged to ensure that you have ample space to lay your food, drink, and DJ. The whole idea behind Night Out is to give you your own space where you can enjoy an evening filled with food, drinks, and music. 


A clean place is the basic requirement of any party place and we take it very seriously. How can you party your heart out unless that place is stimulating your senses enough? It is necessary to have the light and the smell in the hall excellent.


Therefore, we give particular emphasis to hygiene. We use the highest quality of chemicals and equipment for this purpose.

Right from diligently vacuuming the carpet to curtains to sofas, we carry every cleaning activity by our diligently designed checklist and make sure to give you an experience that is safe, healthy, and at the same time full of fun and laughter. 


Night Life at Pattaya

Without an iota of doubt, the nightlife of Pattaya is world-famous. Something that every soul on the Earth desires to experience at least once in their lifetimes. And, why not? After all, evenings at Pattaya are all about fun, friends, food, lights, music, and madness – something that no one should miss. 

Night Out at H2O is one of those fun places that is absolutely suitable for holding one of those fun parties that Pattaya stands for. Parties that are filled with madness and entertainment. We are happy to host you here and have no doubt; our hospitality will certainly impress you out of your wits.