Cabana Edge – Party Hard in Pattaya

Pride of H2O, Cabana Edge is a mecca for the party lovers of Pattaya. A fantastic pool of X ft. depth stays in the center of the scene that will excite your guests the moment they make their entrance in this massive indoor party space. You can readily spot a decent size kiosk for a foam party, and you have all the arrangements inside if you are looking to include a rain party as well for your guests.


An air-conditioned VIP seating area is created on the loft that your guests can use to go sit and relax with a drink. The sitting site on the top gives a candid view of the entire party scene. 


Of course, the beautiful Cabana Edge has a lovely stage that your guests can take to for making announcements, or dancing, and other such things. As for the entrance, an exciting decoration of the special entry gate of Cabana Edge can totally pep up your guests for what’s to come inside. 


By all means, Cabana Edge at H2O is one of the best party areas to reserve if you are looking for a wild celebration in Pattaya.

Fun Parties

Crazy foam parties, smashing rain parties, or exotic pool parties, this place is apt for any kind of fun party. At the same time, inside this massive hall, you can have all these parties going on in full swing. Just book this massive party place for once, and you have all the amenities that you need to throw a memorable bubble entertainment and a fun squashed party for your friends.


The platform is substantial, and you and your friends can take up to it for singing, karaoke, dancing, or making any kind of announcement. Cabana Edge gives you that chance to go wholly drenched in a party with any care in your mind.


Professional Events

Suppose you are willing to host professional events like conference lunches, promotional events, product launch events, or any other kind of networking event. In that case, Cabana Edge has every possible amenity inside to help you launch your program with a bang and end it with a boom. 


Keynote speakers can take to stage to make announcements and speeches. At the same time, stage can be used for displaying the products to ensure it gets the highlight it demands and deserves. 


The huge LCD screen hanging from the stage makes sure to capture every activity happening on the stage and in the party for displaying it to the audience at other parts of the halls.


Cabana Edge also has air-conditioned VIP seating that you can dedicate for your chief guest and other guests of eminence.

Buffet and Bar

Cabana Edge has everything that you need to make your lovely guests roll with laughter and happiness. And, of course, food and drinks make the mega part of it. The party area has a dedicated space for a buffet and bar. Serve your guests with a sumptuous spread of international delicacies that they will continue to savor for long. 


The bar is just perfect for parties that need booze flowing through the air. Spoil your friends with the best of the cocktails and drinks that will charge their tempo to indulge in the party their heart out. 


Rest assured your guests will be fascinated by the hospitality they will receive, and they will have an evening they will want to experience again and again. 



Cabana Edge is a huge space of XXX sq. ft. With people throwing a party here from the world over, we maintain the highest standards of cleanliness in the premises. We use the finest quality of chemicals and equipment to meticulously carry out the cleaning process that is done on a periodic basis. 


At H2O, our entire staff understands the significance of hygiene, and be certain you will never have anything to complain about when it comes to cleanliness here. 

Party Hard in Pattaya

You have to come to your dream destination, and when in Pattaya, you must not miss any chance to party hard. Cabana Edge is made for party lovers just like you, who want to get one with music and dancing and enjoy their hearts out with beautiful people all around you. All of this amidst the most fascinating and colorful buffet and bar. You bet this evening is going to be unforgettable for your guests and you.


So what are you waiting for? Come and reserve Cabana Edge at H2O, the best party place in Pattaya.