Cabana Pool - Meet the best swimming pool in Pattaya for Small Gatherings

When you want to party with a bunch of your pals in Pattaya, and you want to do this on a budget, Cabana Shack is the place for you to go and reserve for your gathering. It is clean, beautiful, easily accessible, and a great fun place. Have no doubts – your party will be the most memorable one.


The pool is one of the most eye-catching attractions of H2O for tourists coming to the city in small groups from all over the world. It is near XXXXX, and only 10 minutes away from XXXXX. At the same time, this small pool is a much sought-after destination for locals, too, for throwing small gatherings for friends and family. 


It is right at the entrance of the H2O and has a beautiful shack right next to it. The pool is X feet deep and therefore absolutely safe for you to relax and enjoy. Feel free to let your hair down and dance till you are breathless under the lovely shack. With beautiful lights all around, this place looks no less than excellent and mesmerizing. 


You can have loads of fun and frolic in this fantastic party place and make beautiful memories with your friends. Memories that will keep entertaining you for many more years to come. 

Buffet and Bar

No party can be fun without ample food and drinks. The food area needs to be lavish by all means, and we understand that. Therefore, our very own Cabana Shack, which may be a small pool for smaller parties that you throw for your near-dear ones, the buffet area is large. You can easily have multiple counters to serve hot food and drinks next to the swimming pool for your guests.


Imagine the fun of eating the most delicious food ever, served hot, while you take a dip in the cool water of Cabana Shack swimming pool of H2O. Rest assured your friends and you will never for the kind of fun you will have here.


You can ask for any kind of arrangement from us for the buffet and bar area, and we will be happy to do that as per your taste and requirement. Rest assured, you will never be disappointed with our hospitality. Call your friends out – And serve them delectable refreshments, main course, cocktails, and other delicacies. We are happy to provide you with various kinds of international cuisine from our kitchen. 


Agree or not, food remains the main point of discussion at any and every party, and we must not leave any stone unturned to make sure that the parties go not just well but fantabulous. 


Rain System

Let’s get a little more lavish with the rain system that is right on the side of the Swimming pool. The rain system is functioning throughout the party-time to ensure the maximum convenience while your pals are having the fun at the party. 


Your guests can do their own little dance under the rain shower and have their own fun with their loved ones. Is not this an awesomely cool way to spoil your guests with endless fun? 

We care for hygiene

At H2O, we host guests from countless countries every year, hence, we need to maintain the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene standards for our pools. 

Cabana Shack has a permanent shade to protect it from unwanted particles and dust going in the water during rains or otherwise. The swimming pool’s

water is carefully treated with the required chemicals to ensure that it remains clean and perfectly ready to swoon your guests during the party.


Pattaya and Pool Parties

If you come to Pattaya and you don’t indulge in a pool party, did you even come to Pattaya??? One of the best ways to make memories with your friends and family is to indulge yourself in a pool party, where you have loads of food that smells like heaven and happiness and tonnes of drinks that you will receive on those swanky bars. 

Allow yourself just to forget all your worries and become not just a part of the party, but the life of the party. Life is all about these fun moments that is loaded with entertainment. Of course, this only gets better when you are doing it with your best pals, your loved ones, or your own group of favorite people.

So just come to Cabana Shack with your friends (new and old) and ask for a wonderful day filled with fun, and rest assured, our highly hospitable staff will make your desire come true in no time.